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This Crazy Love of Ours 

"Why do I do what I do? Crazy love. It's as simple and as complex as that. This passion for travel takes hold of you at a young age, wraps itself around you and won't let go. I can't think of another industry that's so vulnerable to this ever changing world. From economic downturns, to political strife, volcanoes in Europe, airline strikes, flu epidemics and tropical hurricanes. Sometimes I think there must be an easier way. And then that crazy love kicks in again and I find myself dreaming of my next adventure. I want to take you to the places I've been. I want you to feel the way I do when I see something for the first time and it takes my breath away. I want you to come back after your vacation and share your experience with me. I want to hear the music and laughter, taste the food, meet the people, feel the vibe of the city. I want to soak it all in. You and I share something in common. A passion for travel...this crazy love of ours".

Brenda Jovanovic, Owner

Destination Anywhere Travel Services is an independently owned and operated travel agency in Ottawa, Canada. Established in 1998, our agency provides people with well informed travel choices. With over 25 years of knowledge and first-hand travel experience, our commitment to personalized customer service is the very reason for our success today. We value our clients and appreciate their patronage and support.


We are registered with the TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario). TICO is an organization mandated by the Ontario Government to administer the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and an industry financed travel compensation fund. “Always look for the TICO sign before you book your travel time.”


Destination Anywhere is also a select agency of TRAVELSAVERS, the world’s largest travel marketing company that boasts an enormous buying power that enables us to bring to our customers excellent travel destinations at the best prices available.


Travel Advisors 

Our team of professional travel advisors helps clients realize their travel dreams. Read about some of our favourite experiences:

“I have a personal attachment to Croatia. I’ve traveled there many times and have very fond memories of the Adriatic Coast. Beautiful beaches, historic cities and breath-taking mountains. Olive trees, vineyards and fresh figs…it truly is paradise.”
Brenda Jovanovic
Owner/Manager with over 25 years of industry experience

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“That’s easy. I’m a hopeless romantic and Italy is the most beautiful place in the world. It’s in my blood. I love the people, the music, the food, the wine….the whole Italian ambiance. It calls to me.”
Rosa Falcone
Travel Advisor with over 25 years of industry experience

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"I'm all about taking the road less travelled and ending up "off the beaten path". A private yacht charter will take you to places you never knew even existed like Palm Island, Anegada, Gorda, Salt Island, Peter Island, Ginger Island and Jost Van Dyke. Unspoiled, secluded, tranquil....absolutely amazing. Pristine wind swept beaches and crystal blue waters. A snorkeler's paradise."
Lauri Moussa
Travel Advisor with over 25 years of industry experience

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“Sometimes we find beauty in our own backyards. Prince Edward Island is absolutely stunning. A great vacation for the whole family. I can still see the kids building sandcastles on the beautiful red sand beaches.”
Julie Ann Johnston
Travel Advisor with over 25 years of industry experience

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“My favourite island would have to be Nevis…a small, beautiful and lush island beside St.Kitts. The beaches are breathtaking, the people are friendly…truly a hidden gem in the Caribbean with lots of personality and character.”
Sandra Ambridge
Travel Advisor with over 30 years of industry experience



Consider a Career with Us:

Consider a career with us and join our growing team. Destination Anywhere Travel is hiring outside travel advisors. Please forward your resume to Brenda at Destination Anywhere if you:

  • are TICO certified
  • possess superior customer service skills
  • have a loyal clientele
  • have a minimum 5 years experience in the travel industry
  • have a passion for travel and have been to beautiful places


Throughout the year, Destination Anywhere provides free evening and weekend seminars highlighting new travel trends. Our small group seminars provide the ideal setting for an informative, comfortable and personal consultation. Join us to learn about destination weddings, river cruises, luxury travel, culinary and wine tours and other exotic places around the world.

Join one of our FREE seminars and learn everything you need to know about planning the perfect destination wedding. Learn about exotic locations and resorts that specialize in weddings and unique venues, how to negotiate group rates and earn complimentary seats, wholesaler promotions and documentation requirements. Have questions? Ask the experts.

  • Saturday Jan 9th 1pm-2pm
  • Wednesday Jan 13th 6:30pm-7:30pmv
  • Saturday Jan 16th 1pm-2pm
  • Wednesday Jan 20th 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Saturday Jan 23rd 1pm-2pm
  • Wednesday Mar 2nd 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Saturday Apr 2nd 1pm-2pm
  • Wednesday Apr 6:30pm-7:30pm

Space is limited. RSVP required; please indicate your name, phone number and number of seats required.

Our office is located at 1137 Baxter Rd, Ottawa (near IKEA and the OTTAWA CITIZEN).

For our corporate clients interested in incentive programs, we can hold presentations on-site. Contact us today to book your session.